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Sustainable Web

We help you achieve a sustainable website, good web accessibility, GDPR compliance, WordPress optimization, integrations and secure operations.

Sustainable Web development

We need to change the Internet

The internet accounts for 3.7% of global CO2 emissions, a figure that is expected to double by 2025. Fortunately, we have methods to make positive changes – today.

Person holding an iPad saying “Hurrah! This web page is cleaner than 95% of the web pages tested.”
SustainableWeb on Website Carbon Calculator

Paths to a CO2-neutral website

Free pre-analysis

The first step is measuring the current climate footprint. We analyse selected pages in multiple ways and provide advice for improvements.

Optimization of content

Images and video are obvious targets. We reduce file sizes 50-90% without loss of quality, for a better user experience and a tiny carbon footprint.

Elimination of redundant code

In WordPress, it is easy to transfer redundant code for e.g. shop or fonts that are not used. We clean it up for better performance and low-energy use.

Green hosting and CO₂ offsetting

Data centres use huge amounts of power. We host sites at green Oderland in Sweden and carbon offset the remaining energy consumption 500%.

Documented results

With independent before and after measurements, we document the reduction of your site’s carbon footprint. Part of your organisation’s climate goals.

Why us?

Why you should talk to us!

Because sustainability is as essential to you as it is to us. Because you prefer durable solutions to actual needs. Because you welcome everyone to your website.

A whole lot greener

Our websites pollute less than 90% of the average. The target is < 0.25 g CO2 per page view.

Modern techniques

New file formats and selected compression settings mean significantly lighter websites.

We are furiously fast

… or at least our websites are. You don’t have to take our word for it – it can be measured

Full transparency

Our results come from professional insight and care. We share all the methods with you.


The Danish Ehlers-Danlos Association

A patient association needs an easily accessible website that is secure and long-lasting. We’ve built that for them. See for yourself how – maybe it will inspire you.

A technical and content reboot

Like any other website five years old, the site needed a thorough overhaul. The result was a fresh website with relevant content imported, a solution with concrete and measurable improvements:

  • 95% reduction in website CO2 emissions.
  • Well-tested web accessibility and WCAG compliance.
  • Complete respect for visitor privacy and GDPR.
  • Perfect Lighthouse and Core Web Vitals score.
  • Robust and secure operation with monitoring.

No two websites are the same and every need should be considered separately, but perhaps the case of the Ehlers-Danlos Association website will inspire to improve yours.

Person sitting with an iPad visiting the front page of the website
The Ehlers-Danlos Association website on an iPad

Knowledge Sharing

Tips for a green and inclusive user experience

We equip you with written guides, screencasts, or workshops based on your needs. There’s no secret recipe, just the will for a better Internet.


Call or write us

Do you need help or just some advice on your digital green transition? Then we’d love to talk.

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