Sustainable Web Development

The Internet accounts for 3.7% of the world’s CO2 emissions, a figure that is expected to double in 2025. Fortunately, we have the techniques to do something about it – today.

Paths to a sustainable website

The first step on the road to a sustainable website is to measure the current climate footprint. We analyse selected pages with several tools and provide you with specific recommendations for improvements.

Pictures and video are low-hanging fruit. We can typically reduce file sizes by 50-80% without visible loss of quality. In addition to a lower climate impact, your visitors will have a better user experience.

WordPress can do just about everything. It is almost too easy to add code for a webshop, newsletters and 13 fonts, where only two are actually used. We clean that up, for lower energy consumption and better performance.

Data centers consume enormous amounts of power. We investigate whether your current web hotel uses green power and is happy to host your WordPress website at reputable Oderland in Sweden.

Independent pre- and post-measurements ensure you a documented reduction in your website’s climate footprint, which can be used internally in your organization or externally in your marketing.

According to the Website Carbon Calculator, SustainableWeb produces 0.07g CO2 per page view.
SustainableWeb on Website Carbon Calculator

Why should you talk to us?

A whole lot greener

Our websites pollute less than 90% of the industry average. The target is <0.2 g CO2 per page view.

Modern technologies

Latest file formats and hand-picked compression options typically mean 50% lighter websites.

We’re furiously fast

… or at least our websites are. You don’t have to take our word for it. It can be measured and experienced.

Full transparency

Our results come from professional insight and care. We share all the methods with you.


Do you need help or just a piece of advice for your digital green transition?
Then we’d love to talk to you.

Bjarne Oldrup i Slotsparken, Sønderborg

Bjarne Oldrup · 61 66 15 18

Write or call me if you have technical questions.

Lars Nør Bengtsson i Slotsparken, Sønderborg

Lars Nør Bengtsson · 29 65 66 48

Call if you want to know more about sustainable web development or economics.